Cyber attacks are growing exponentially in number and complexity. They’re also affecting an ever broader spectrum of companies — and even small and medium businesses need to be aware of the potential dangers.  

Almost two-thirds of companies worldwide have been attacked at least once. The top security breaches — ransomware attacks — have been surging in the last years. They grew by 150% in 2020 and have caused huge financial losses and compromised the digital security of millions of businesses.  

These alarming trends have urged companies worldwide to take decisive steps for ensuring cybersecurity protection, especially in the context of the move to remote work triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are including security in their budgets to address the imminent risks.  

Yet keeping up with the constantly changing and increasingly more dangerous cyber threats can be quite a mouthful, especially for companies that don’t have internal expertise in risk and cybersecurity management. It’s expensive and may distract the focus from the essential work at hand.   

Because of the complexities and costs of cybersecurity management, many choose to use external specialists with a proven track record in the field — either as a fully outsourced function or in a hybrid model.  

Here are the top benefits of using outsourced cybersecurity management services.  

1. Rich Expertise and Knowhow 

One of the biggest challenges of having an in-house cybersecurity team is the constant need for training and continuous learning. It takes time, effort and financial resources to train people and keep their expertise up-to-date with the most recent threats and solutions. They also need to have the right software tools, which entails choosing the most suitable one in an ocean of options. 

Outsourced teams have a clear advantage in this respect. External security experts have experience with a wide variety of threats because they’re working for different businesses in various industries over time. They need to have the necessary qualifications and certifications and to know security solutions from the inside out. Working with dedicated specialists minimizes the risk of overlooking critical aspects of the industry. 

2. Better Threat Prediction  

Being experts in the field, cybersecurity companies invest in their teams’ ongoing education and professional development. Their job is to know the most important threats before anyone else. They have to be well prepared to tackle the latest trends in cyber risks and the right technologies and methods to combat them.   

That’s why outsourced cybersecurity specialists are better able to predict risks and help your business prepare for them. They also have high-end software that backs their services in the most effective ways. On the basis of their experience, ever-growing expertise and powerful tools, external experts can help you with a threat prediction system that makes your business bullet-proof.  

3. Timely and Flexible Support  

It’s difficult and expensive to run an in-house cybersecurity team around the clock. Outsourced teams, on the other hand, pledge to be available 24/7 and year-round. Real-time support, paired with preventive security services, is an essential prerequisite for minimizing incident response times and ensuring you’re protected at all times.  

In addition, external security experts have flexible solutions for handling cyber attacks depending on the clients’ needs. They can scale their services along with your growth. This means that you can increase the security staff as this becomes necessary — without having to hire and train new team members and to integrate new processes.  

4. Cost Efficiency  

The hard truth is that it can be quite an expensive and complicated process to hire and maintain a top notch cybersecurity department, as well as to ensure the necessary technology for their work. The trends in the field show that security costs will only be growing.   

With outsourced cybersecurity management, you can ensure your business protection in a different way — balancing between efficiency and cost. It comes with less complications and a smaller price tag 

5. Security Standards and Regulatory Compliance 

A major issue that businesses may stumble upon is complying with security standards and official regulatory requirements. In-house teams may struggle to keep up, if they don’t have enough time and resources.  

Solid outsourced security providers have proof of applying the best security standards out there. They can showcase the necessary certifications and knowhow. Due to their extensive work in the field, they can also ensure easier compliance with national and international security regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS — which is critical for keeping business operations flowing without legal hurdles.   

6. Clear Cybersecurity Effectiveness Results  

Measuring cybersecurity results can be tough for businesses. Do you count the threats or the lack of such, or how they have been handled? And how do you go about treating security as a whole — as a technology problem or as a business one? All of this requires a complete framework, methodology and management approach which may be difficult to develop internally.  

A quality outsourced service can offer a holistic and multi-layered approach to your cybersecurity which is integrated in your business strategy, rather than being a standalone tech issue. They can set clear and measurable targets in terms of protection and incident response times. Then it’s obvious where the accountability lies and what the goals are.   

How Amatas Can Help with Your Cybersecurity Management  

Figuring out the cybersecurity needs of your business can be a daunting task. Amatas can be your trusted partner in the process of setting the framework and managing your optimal security practices.  

Our highly skilled team of industry experts can jump in to assist you with software choice, devising a strategic approach, and real-time handling of security threats. We’re equipped to help with regulations compliance, as well as to provide you with in-depth expertise and predictions.    

Want to explore how you can outsource your cybersecurity management? Get in touch to learn what Amatas can do for your business.  

Ralitsa Kosturska in AMATAS