The Breakthrough 

"Years ago, someone had commented on the huge potential of digital money and highlighted that the problems we will be facing will be mostly digital," recalls Atanas Simeonov, AMATAS's founder. He shared that this was a breakthrough moment when he knew that the natural continuation of his existing security business would be digital security. 

Thus, almost six years ago, the managed cybersecurity provider AMATAS was founded. Today we provide cybersecurity solutions to markets such as the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We employ 35 full-time specialists, and our revenue is increasing YOY.   

The Perfect Timing 

Atanas Simeonov was looking to build his team of experts when he approached Boris Goncharov to discuss the opportunity for the start-up. Back then, Boris was the Chair of the Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CSeCoE) at G4S Europe. Atanas knew that Boris was a well-recognized information security visioner with more than 15 years of real-life cybersecurity experience. Being at the peak of his career in G4S, this was the perfect timing for this discussion to happen for Boris. At this time he was already thinking of starting something on his own, but after talking to Atanas, he realized that AMATAS was precisely what would make him inspired and devoted. So, he joined the startup. 

Powered by his entrepreneurial spirit mixed with tons of creativity and top-level industry certifications, Boris is now the CSO at AMATAS, focused on envisioning the future of cybersecurity and defining forward-looking cyber defense models and strategies.  

Onboarding the New Generation 

According to Atanas, only reinvesting in your business can lead to growth. This mindset is especially important when you run a startup as you need to quickly scale up to be able to compete with the big guys in the industry. When you run a family business, though, reinvesting is a key strategy to build a sustainable model for the next generations that will soon join.   

In 2017, Atanas’s oldest son Marko joined AMATAS. Having grown up in a truly digital world, the idea of developing a company for digital security was an exciting career path for him 

Marko joined AMATAS as a Legal and Compliance Officer soon after he obtained an L.L.B in Laws at the London School of Economics and Political Science. At this time, the EU enforced the GDPR which allowed Marko to invest all of his energy to serve the greater demand for experts in the domain of personal data protection. He saw the vast industry potential and embraced the vision of AMATAS with his desire to grow within the organization.  

His strong interest in cybersecurity innovations and a focus on regulatory requirements and internal organizational policies led Marko Simeonov to take over the business and become the CEO of AMATAS. 

Like his father, Marko believes that many companies still don’t take digital security seriously. Most of them realize the importance of cyber protection only when the risk of system breakage, data loss, and many other reputational and financial damages materialize. This is where the AMATAS team steps in with strategic actions, innovation mindset, and cybersecurity proficiency. 

Who is Atanas Simeonov, and what is his entrepreneurial journey?  

Atanas Simeonov has been in business for 30 years. He is a respected entrepreneur, investor, and ambassador for health and a sustainable lifestyle. As he shares, in the last 30 years, there are a few things he has not dealt with – from trade to imports, exports, services, mergers, startups, and business development.  

The most valuable lessons he has learned and continuously shares with young entrepreneurs are:    

  • Start early   
  • Follow your dreams   
  • Don't stop until you succeed   
  • People make you successful, and everyone is your teacher   
  • Keep your business and personal life separate   

"Success did not come easy or fast. Many ideas did not work, but they played the role of a cornerstone for the success of the next one.“  

What is the plan for the next 30 years in business? Meet Ocean Investments   

Atanas Simeonov has a new focus for the next 30 years – aimed at becoming successful in digital products that create value and positively change the business environment. We call it Business 4.0.    

"I'm an investor and mentor, having a better work-life balance today. I'm eager to keep learning and experimenting with new things I have not tried in business yet. But this time, as an investor partnering with people I trust: next-generation entrepreneurs, my sons, and friends, with whom we share common values, are united by common thoughts and common goals. TOGETHER we will take action and build!"  

Thus, the idea of Ocean Investments was born – a parent company to Resolute Software, AMATAS, and S Group. The goal of Ocean Investments is to discover and support the next generation of technology innovators, the same way as it helped AMATAS.  

Over the next 10 years, Ocean Investments will help entrepreneurs with bold ideas to become global businesses and realize their strong ambitions quickly and sustainably. The three industries Ocean targets are cybersecurity, health technology, and real estate.   

Why these 3 industries?  

  • Health Tech  

Ancient Greek physician Herophilus once said: “When health is absent…wealth becomes useless”. We strongly believe in this mantra and consider investing in health investment in the wider economy. However, we are different from other health investors because improving people’s health is а personal mission. We want to make Bulgarians healthier by investing in the proper healthcare projects to help reduce the mortality rate, which is among the highest in the world. We want to accomplish this goal within ten years from now. We seek to invest in health promotion and disease prevention, using science and technology to empower and educate people to lead healthier lives. If you share the same passion let’s talk!  

  • Cybersecurity  

We know security inside out. We have helped more than 3 million people feel safe and secure in the physical world. As the world evolves, so do our security needs, where cybersecurity plays a significant role. From VIP Security to AMATAS, we have a strong portfolio of offline and cyber-security companies who lead and disrupt the market. We invest in progressive cyber companies to shape the future of cybersecurity. Our mission is to give people digital peace of mind wherever they are. If you share the same passion, let’s cyber-protect together!  

  • Real estate  

We have invested in Real Estate for 20+ years and have built domestic and office buildings. We believe the future of Real Estate is digital and green! We want to invest in projects that make people’s lives more sustainable and convenient by employing smart solutions. So, if you are re-imagining Real Estate, let’s future it together!  

Final words   

Together with Resolute Software and S Group, we are happy to be part of Ocean Investments. Thanks to Atanas Simeonov and Ocean Investments, we have access to the best expertise, a vast network of contacts, professionals, and consultants in every critical business unit. Being part of a family means we have the security and peace of mind to do what we do best - build a business with a solid strategic partner behind us. If you want to be one of us, get in touch, and let’s future together.  

Learn more about Ocean Investments here.

Ralitsa Kosturska in AMATAS