During the past month, we had the honor to share our experience and knowledge with financial experts about the "Future of Cybersecurity after the war in Ukraine". As well, we provided local experts with an internationally acclaimed platform to help build the Bulgarian cybersecurity community, by sponsoring a BSides event.

Our team is also set to: 

  • participate in the largest Cybersecurity and Data Protection Forum 2022 for Bulgaria
  • meet with enthusiasts aiming to build or start their careers in cybersecurity
  • review the latest trends and practices with the Bulgarian community of specialists and experts in the field

This month, we are to take part in two events dedicated to careers in cybersecurity: Career Show Tech 2022 and Cyber ​​Security Talks Bulgaria. These symbolic steps bring us one step closer to supporting and developing a community of local young (and bright) talents, and also positioning "Bulgaria as a future hub of cybersecurity in Europe".

AMATAS experts, with many years of experience, will represent us at both events - including our Chief Strategy Officer, Boris Goncharov.

Boris is a visionary and an enthusiast. He has more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity and has dedicated his career to information security. As AMATAS Chief Strategy Officer, Boris develops corporate strategies for data safety and protection by anticipating the ways in which information technology and cybersecurity develop. Boris has the highest certificates in his field of work, including CIPP / E, CISSP, ISSMP, CCISO, CCSP, CEH, TOGAF, CHFI, ITIL, Prince2.

Now let us tell you what happened in the last month

AMATAS Roundtable Event 

On April 14th, 2022, we organized a roundtable and workshop event, titled “The Post-War Future of Cybersecurity”. Boris Goncharov, AMATAS Chief Strategic Officer, led the discussion which answered the following questions:

  • Is the financial industry ready to withstand the next "all-in" type of cyberattacks we anticipate after the conventional phase of the war between Russia and Ukraine is over? 
  • What are the challenges and implications for the financial industry post the cybersecurity war between Russia and Ukraine?

During the event, we looked at risk management of Russia’s decision and information warfare doctrines; Russia's offensive capabilities and potential threats; and expected cyber operations against the financial sector, as part of the bigger picture on the global scene.

We met with senior experts from the Bulgarian banking sector, to freely comment and define the cybersecurity threats that the financial sector faces; as well as the strategic approaches to creating resilience against cyberattacks. This event was a continuation of the topic discussed during the Fintech Summit 2022.

The event’s success was thanks to the experts from DSK Bank, First Investment Bank, Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria, Bulgarian Postbank, and D-Commerce. Thank you for wholeheartedly committing your time and energy to this vital discussion.

Bsides Bulgaria

The independent Security BSides-Approved for Sofia, Bulgaria Bsides event, co-organized by AMATAS, took place on April 15th, 2022. Security BSides is a community-driven framework for building events by and for information security community members. These events are already happening in major cities all over the world.

We support BSides on its two main missions. The first is to continue the rebirth of a cybersecurity community that unites experts, researchers, novices, and InfoSec enthusiasts. The second is to build traditions and a community around the event, which is open to all newcomers and anyone interested in information security.

“We are proud to provide the most prominent Bulgarian cybersecurity experts with an international platform to share their experience and knowledge,” shared Boris Goncharov, AMATAS Chief Strategic Officer.

Some main topics, during the BSides event, were: incident response, computer forensics, IoT security, security standards, and compliance. During the second day of the conference, Capture The Flag (CTF) took place - a challenge for cybersecurity professionals to test their skills.

And here are some of the upcoming events we are set to participate in:

Technovation 2022 

Technovation 2022, May 19th, 2022, is an event organized by "Manager" media, which examines how technological solutions could help develop specific sectors.

In the event’s DATAVERSE panel, one of the main topics will be big data. This discussion will focus on the latest trends in managing and securing the information that is processed by both businesses and people. We are set to look at the following topics:

  • Data is everywhere: how do we store/ manage and use it effectively?
  • The necessity of hyper-automation
  • Zero trust cybersecurity - the threats and opportunities that different industries face

The moderator of this extremely relevant and important talk will be Boris Goncharov, AMATAS Chief Strategy Officer.

Career Show Tech 2022

Come and see us at Career Show Tech 2022 bB=etween the 19th and 20th of May 2022. The event is dedicated to creating career opportunities in various sectors and examining the latest trends in high technology. If you’re ready to become the next cybersecurity hero, sign up and get ready to be inspired by Boris Goncharov’s (AMATAS Chief Strategic Director) inspiring talk „Finding Your Way Through The Cybersecurity Careeriverse of Madness“ on May 20th, at 12:00pm.

Cyber Security Talks Bulgaria

AMATAS is hosting the Cyber Security Talks Bulgaria event, dedicated to cybersecurity career progression. With a focus on how the following three sectors - namely business, education, and government - could help young experts in their professional growth. 

  • “How can you start a career in cybersecurity?” will be presented by Miroslav Naydenov, AMATAS cybersecurity expert
  • QnA with current and ex- cybersecurity experts: Boris Goncharov, Ivan Vladikin, and Ivaylo Tanushev
  • A discussion panel on “Bulgaria - the new center for cybersecurity experts in Europe” will be held by Atanas Simeonov (owner of Ocean Investments Bulgaria) and Assoc. Eng. D. Boyan Zhekov (expert in information technology and professor at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies).

Cyber Security Talks Bulgaria is the first monthly event, set to take place every second Tuesday of the month at a different location. The venue will be provided by the organizers and sponsors of the current event. 

This format aims to create a community of cybersecurity experts, students, and enthusiasts by providing them with a location and an opportunity to freely express and share their ideas and opinions. This would help in building a Bulgarian public space where information security and cybersecurity are prioritized. For more information, visit the official page of the event. Free registration for the event is now open.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Forum 2022

AMATAS is the main strategic partner and co-organizer (alongside the “Capital” media team) of the largest cybersecurity event in Bulgaria that will take place in November.

The Cybersecurity and Data Protection Forum 2022 aims to transform the public conversation about cybersecurity. From those labeling it as a “barrier” or “wall”, the event aims to show why cybersecurity is the key to improving and increasing organizations’ functionality and vitality in the digital space.

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Boris Goncharov, is set to moderate the event and lead one of the lectures. The hybrid event is to delve into a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity in various panels, presentations, and discussions.

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Ralitsa Kosturska in AMATAS